Auto-Balancing Liquidity Engine (ABLE™)

Perfect LP Ratios primed for trading

Algorithmic LP Engine

Introducing our refined ABLE™ system, designed to navigate the intricacies of a multi-pool ecosystem effectively. ABLE™ stands as our innovative liquidity provision engine, adept at mitigating the challenges of managing assets across dual trading pools. This mechanism facilitates the strategic reallocation of assets between our pools, ensuring that funds remain within our collective ecosystem without any exit, all while under the secure umbrella of our Liquidity Locker Engine™.

ABLE™ delivers true, hyper-deflationary supply burns while maintaining a perfect LP ratio between 8-10%.

True Deflation

This approach not only safeguards against the volatility inherent in multi-pool systems but also guarantees that all assets stay fully secured and immovable. ABLE™ dynamically maintains an optimal liquidity ratio, preventing any potential over-liquification issues. It achieves this through a smart allocation of excess liquidity, leveraging MATIC/PAXG without any outflow from the pools, and employing a sophisticated, contract-based token burn mechanism. This process is meticulously designed to achieve a genuine decrease in total token supply, leading to meaningful appreciation in token value.

By implementing ABLE™, we ensure our ecosystem remains robust against the challenges posed by multi-pool dynamics, making it inherently more stable, attractive to investors, and efficient in enhancing token value through true, hyper-deflationary measures.

We’ll never have a chart that barely moves. We’ll always be attractive to investors. That’s ABLE™

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