ShadowStrike LP Engine

Perfect LP Ratios primed for trading

Algorithmic LP Engine

This is our breakthrough dynamic-LP engine that algorithmically detects and dynamically unlocks any excess cake-LP (e.g., when over-liquified) to re-feed the pool and perform a simultaneous token burn of the same value.
It’s actual, two-way, dramatic deflation that genuinely reduces the total supply of tokens and dramatically increases their price. Not just by sending them to dEaD but by using our contract-based burn mechanism. Side note, it’s all internal, so the excess LP can only be used internally for this purpose alone. No BNB leaves the pool.
ShadowStrike™ delivers true, hyper-deflationary supply burns while maintaining a perfect LP ratio between 8-10%.

True Deflation

ShadowStrike™ frees up excess LP to create permanent, instantaneous, and potentially dramatic token price increases to make your bag more and more valuable over time. It’s not merely inflating the MC by removing LP, it’s using excess LP to remove tokens from the supply. It prevents over-liquification (where LP accounts for too much of the total supply).
We’ll never have a chart that barely moves. We’ll always be attractive to investors. That’s ShadowStrike™