Partner List

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Affinity BSC

Affinity Innovations is a software company making products for the blockchain and beyond. We are an establish Inc out of Delaware with patents pending on all our products to ensure our ideas don't get scooped up by the big players in this world. Our first product is a token on the Binance Smart Chain network. It is a dual reward token that reflects in BUSD and ADA, 87.5% of the total taxes goes back to the holders.
Our second live product is called ADAPT. ADAPT is currently a dApp ( but soon will be a mobile app on Appl e and Android. ADAPT offers you the ability to send crypto with just a username, no more wallet addresses. Sending money to the wrong wallet or contract address is a huge problem in this space and we intend to solve that. We all remember the first time you sent crypto and it was an anxiety filled event. Simplifying and securing the space is all we aim to do. Look at this as the decentralized "cash app" or "venmo" for crypto. You can currently send any BSC or ERC token listed on ADAPT, seamlessly in just seconds. There is a .75 % tax for each transaction that routs back to the token to push rewards or buy and burn. Not only can you send tokens via ADAPT but you can also safely buy any token that is listed on ADAPT, safely though our in house universal swapper that doesn't require slippage or importing contracts. We also offer a cross bridge swap through so you can swap between BNB, Poly, ETH, and CRO.
ADAPT will be built out to all EVM compatible chains and beyond. We are multiple products in development that include a "safety deposit" locker for nay tokens to be held behind NFT 2FA. Also being built is a P2P exchange that will enable users to safely swap tokens between each other without having to sell them. Lastly we will be building brick and mortar retail coffee and bar locations centered around and powered by crypto.


BUSDX is the native token of our product ecosystem. Users are required to hold, stake or pay with the BUSDX token to access our products.
Our mission is to revolutionize the future of fintech through DeFi by providing an end to end financial platform within a community ecosystem.
BUSDX is a rewards token that was created on the BNB Chain, and is owned and operated by a registered United States business entity. BUSDX has a built in (X = 10%) mechanism that distributes 10% rewards in BUSD to holders automatically, while also distributing a 10% APY in BUSDX dividends when tokens are staked. BUSDX has multiple utilites, including a Staking dApp, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, DEX Swap, Virtual Payment System, and a Cross-Chain Bridge (coming soon). All of our products were developed to create additional volume in the BUSDX Ecosystem, resulting in the distribution of more passive income.


Fibswap Dex
FibSWAP DEx® is a multi-cross-chain decentralized exchange. Through the use of cross-chain communication between blockchains, the dex allows its users to swap native to native assets from one blockchain to another without having to trust a third party
FibSWAP DEx® allows its users to buy any token listed on FibSWAP DEx® in an efficient manner by swapping any token from Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, xDAI, Avalanche, Arbitrum, or Ethereum into the token they wish to purchase directly across the different blockchains.
Do you want to swap ETH (erc20) to BNB (bep20)? No problem. Any token that is bridged in FibSWAP DEx® IMBS (Interoperable Multichain Bridge System) can be swapped.
The key value behind our technology is the direct cross-chain communication between chains.
FibSWAP DEx® a big step towards interoperability.


RocketFi is on a mission to create innovative and user-friendly web3 tools, starting with their rewards dApp and crypto wallet. With the RocketFi token, users can engage with the dApp and diversify their rewards through Smart Rewards. These rewards include multiple Binance pegged blue-chip tokens as well as other tokens on the BSC Network.
Additionally, Smart Rewards can split their reflections into multiple tokens. This unique way of diversifying rewards gives token holders the benefits of staking without having to lock up their tokens.