ShadowFi NFTs

There will always be something to do with your ShadowFi Fintech NFT
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The primary objective of the ShadowFi team is to deliver no useless NFT! All NFTs come with a host of embedded utilities with endless future scaling.


2222 NFTs will showcase people and locations that contributed to humanity's quest for financial freedom and privacy. Join ShadowFi on this unique journey and take your stand with us! With levels, staking, paired utility, and more...every single Shadow Legend NFT will have a purpose. This makes our NFTs endlessly collectible.
Sample NFT's


Each NFT starts at Level 1 with a maximum of Level 5 (max level 2 on launch). Staking will earn ShadowFi tokens with competitive and long lasting earnings.
Level experience is reset to 0 upon trading.
Initial level 2 costs are normalized to 150 BUSD, though we may adjust this with other tokens being accepted for leveling.


Each NFT that is Level 2 or higher will be able to stake into the Staking platform to earn ShadowFi tokens! Earn a competitive and long lasting APR. Whether this is to increase your holdings ahead of the decrease in total supply, to gain the tokens needed to use our core payment utilities, or to earn passive income, there is an array of possibilities in front of you through our staking UI.
Competative and long lasting APR

Rarity System

Every individual featured in our series helped drive financial freedom and privacy in some fashion.
Every place or background featured in our series has a role in the monumental fight for financial freedom and privacy.
Each mint is a random, on-chain, generative blend of over 85 traits, including person, place, chip, logo, finish, and border.
Each ShadowFi NFT person and place layer is hand illustrated, unique, and one-of-a-kind. When programmatically generated, they will form a collectible, beautiful work of art.
Each attribute has a specified level of rarity. The combinations, when you mint them, will be generative and random. The rarer your NFTs attributes, the higher the rarity score of the NFT will be. The higher the rarity score, the more access to perks you will receive and the more valuable it will be on the blockchain.
Robert Kiyosaki

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