ShadowFi Visa® Cards

100% anonymous spending - DeFi as it was intended

Fully Anonymous Spending

Utilize your crypto to purchase real-world items, pay bills or subscriptions, and treat yourself. ShadowFi cards allow you to spend your BUSD stable coin like cash while remaining completely private.
Our anonymous double-blind process ensures your privacy. Our vendor doesn’t know who we are, and we don’t know who you are.
No ID required. Ever.


It's super simple to claim a ShadowFi Visa® cards. Head to our Dashboard - Claim. Done.
The more you are invested in ShadowFi, the more benefits you receive
Earn discounts, benefits, and more by holding ShadowFi tokens and engaging with our ecosystem. Details coming soon.


ShadowFi anonymous Visa® cards can be spent like any prepaid card, at over 37 million retail and online outlets worldwide. Simply use any name and any real US billing address to purchase online and in person.
Any Point of Sale unit can have credit card numbers manually entered into them to essentially spend anywhere.
ShadowPay will enable NFC contactless payments for even more frictionless spending.