A multi-purpose system to engage all crypto users. Buy a ticket for a chance of winning the prize pool while supporting ShadowFi


ShadowPlay is a new system developed to support the ShadowStrike LP Engine and engage the broader BSC userbase.
Pledge a minimum of $5 in BUSD or BNB and receive an entry into the next pool drawing. Each additional $5 earns an extra ticket!
Track your account contributions and earn a new NFT at every unlocked milestone. Milestones directly correspond to the base NFT earned, every other attribute is completely random.



$5 per ticket in either BUSD or BNB.

Fund allocation

  • 50% current pool
  • 30% to ShadowStrike LP
  • 10% to rollover (next) pool
  • 10% to treasury


Drawings currently occur once per week on Tuesday evenings 23:00 UTC, starting Nov. 8.
Fully on-chain randomization determines the winner! One winner per drawing possible.
If a winner is chosen:
  • winner receives the current pool funds collected this draw session.
  • if winner was also staking an NFT, winner receives a bonus payout (up to 10%)
  • funds from the rollover pool move into current pool and next session begins
If no winner, current pool continues to the next drawing.


Obtain new Shadow Guardian NFTs as you progress your contributions!


Four milestones available per account
Each milestone directly corresponds to a higher 'stage' NFT (1-4). User is automatically minted each stage NFT upon reaching milestone


Outside of the stage selection, every attribute on the NFT is random.
Angel NFTs have six (6) attributes:
  • Stage (predetermined by milestone)
  • Foil
  • Background
  • Clothing
  • Halo
  • Staff


Stake your NFT for bonus payout if you win the current drawing!
Earn up to 10% more with a Stage 4 NFT
Stake MUST be placed BEFORE the current drawing timer ends to be considered for bonus.
NFTs are staked for 10 days. Any new contribution will reset this stake timer. Staked NFTs cannot currently be "upgraded" to a higher stage while locked.
DLegend NFTs can also be used to earn a bonus payout!

Shadow Guardian Collection Limits

Milestones are achieved once per account. Thus, each account can mint one Shadow Guardian NFT from each stage. Additional contributions after reaching the max milestone does not reward more NFTs.
The NFT series has no set mint count or current end date. We will set an end date in the future with plans to retire the Angel series and replace with a new Guardian.


When is my Shadow Guardian unveiled?

NFTs will be unveiled immediately upon minting, in usually 2 minutes or less.

Can I trade my NFT?

Yes! There are no limits on moving the Shadow Guardians to other wallets.
We will put the series on BSC NFT marketplaces to trade soon.

Why don't you accept SDF tokens for tickets?

ShadowPlay is designed to build our LP. LP must be deposited in equal values of SDF tokens and BNB.
Currently, half of the raised BNB is sold to BUY SDF tokens before being locked in the LP vault.
Accepting SDF tokens for tickets requires us to SELL half of those tokens to gain BNB for the LP pairing. This method does not net as much positivity.